Found Favorites #10 - Geeky Modcloth Stuff

Found Favorites is back and this time with a theme! ModCloth just emailed me saying that they they have all this new home decor stuff. I checked it out and thare are some totally cute geeky decor that I totally want! Every thing I mention can be found here: ModCloth Retro & Cute Apartment Decor! What's great about ModCloth is though their clothing tends to be on the pricey side (but lovely), their home decor prices are pretty reasonable. Here's five geek worthy things I'd love to have at my place!

These TARDIS and Dalek salt and pepper shakers! I actually used to collect salt and pepper shakers when I was a kid. I don't have the collection anymore but man...this is making me want to start it again!

My friend has this game and we've played it once before. I actually thought I'd do better than I did! These geek questions are not all easy (I was a pro at the Lord of the Rings ones though.)

Oh my gosh. I can't decide if I'd take it out just for Halloween or keep this creepy through pillow out all year round.

I am SUCH a film and book geek, I love seeing them living together in harmony. (Doesn't always happen, heh.)

Any 'Twin Peeks' fans out there? It's a log pillow(!)

So yeah, take a look at the geeky, nerdy, (and maybe a little weird) stuff over at ModCloth.You know I wound not send you if I did not genuinely love their stuff! ;)

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Amber said...

I bought the TARDIS & Dalek salt and pepper shakers with some birthday money and they're just as adorable in person! I have them tucked away until we get our first house :)

xo Amber P.