July Resolutions: Let's be Productive, Shall We?

I love being productive and getting things done, however...I also really love my couch and Netflix. This month I want to be better at being creative and using my time wisely. One of the blogs I read, She Learns as She Goes, does a monthly resolution link up and I'm taking part this month. What that means is there's this post (with all the goals), there's a post half way through the month with a progress report, and then a post at the end of the month with the report card. Let's see how I do...

Get Ready For VidCon
VidCon starts on August 1st, so July is my planning month. I'm debating on getting some new business cards made (might not need to) and I need to finalize hotel plans, and lots of other little details. It will be my third time going and I am so excited!

Jim's Birthday!
He does not like making a big deal out of his birthday so celebrating will be on his terms, but that doesn't mean I can't plan a few surprises for him.

Add To My Shop
I have leftovers from the craft fair I have yet to add to my new Storenvy shop. I want to get everything listed and looking pretty.

Get Back Into YouTube
Ok, so to be fair, I never left...per say. I've still been posting every Thursday. I just lost my passion for a while. I have the last episode of LMU'sNTRG-LP to post this Thursday, but after that I need to vlog again. Get real connected again before VidCon.

Finish Reading A Casual Vacancy
I've been so bad at my 25 books a year challenge this year. Last year I managed 10, but I think it'll be even less this year. (Working 9 hours 5 days a week & uploading a video or more a week & blogging at least 3 times a week & running an online shop & running a local nerd meetup & socolizing with other humans regularly...does not help...not that they're excuses.) I at least need to finish this book.

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Amber said...

Yay Goals! I know how it goes, there are some things I planned on doing in May that I've yet to do. I hope you get done everything that you plan for this month, and hopefully I'll get some sort of start on my mini to-do list :)

xo Amber P.