Found Favorites #9

If I had kids, this teepee would be a perfect start to a room-wide blanket fort!
(via. Little Fierce One) favorite band (since '97) recently brewed their own signature beer. I mean, the name is just too perfect. Also, I'm a beer drinker so I am totally going to pick some up during their summer tour!

The image says it all. Sound wave jewelry(!) I wonder how different 'I love you' looks when different people say it.
(via. David Bizer)
I don't wear skirts enough because I simply don't know how to wear them (what to wear with them, what looks good, etc. ugg) However, if I had one of these skirts, I would sure make an effort!

(via. Armkel)

My friend, Whitney, has one of these sweaters. I think it looks like a the Cheshire Cat!


Anonymous said...

What the what!? Hanson have a signature beer? As both a beer drinker and a Hanson fangirl, I think I need this inside me immediately. (If only it were available in Australia!)

Paige said...

mmmmmhops? thats amazing.