Photo an Hour >> March 29th

I've really waited till the last minute with this project so far every month.  In March I took it to the limit.  I ran out of weekends and had to take photos on a week day. That being said, be prepared for lots of photos of my desk... I did do things after work, but for April...I'm defiantly picking a weekend day again, ha!

Past Photo an Hour:

8am >> Debating on these snow boots with these leggings. Went with the leggings but not the boots.

9am >> At work, coffee time.

10am >> The left side of my desk: business cards, candle, photo of Jim and I at Comic Con, and a pom pom monster.

11am >> I have a standing desk that I can also sit at. It's really nice. 

12pm >> Sushi truck came today! My favorite.

1pm >> These are the shoes I went with.  I forgot I had these antler socks, I love them!

2pm >> Self portrait.

3pm >> My Belle collection: phone case, ID lanyard charm, and my USB keychain.

4pm >> The little hand painted box I use to store all the excess cords on my desk.

5pm >> Time to go home! Here's the view of my office building from my parking spot. It's a big building.

6pm >> At home! The beautiful flowers Jim surprised me with the other day, he's so sweet.

7pm >> Jim;s home! He was snot in the mood for pictures so here's his bike.

8pm >> John picked the two of us up to meet our friend Stacy for dinner.

9pm >> Dinner at Susan Feniger's STREET. I'd never been there before.

10pm >> The kale asparagus. Oh my, being healthy has never tasted so good!

After that, Jim and I went home and then to bed. It was a good day!



Nullien said...

This project is so interesting! :D
Mine would be boring though, I spend most of my day at the laboratory :P

Nullien said...

PS: Belle rocks :D

Jessie said...

At least you went out on a week night! That's good. :) I love photo an hour posts! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I appreciate it. I'm going to go check out your other photo an hour posts.