My Makeup Hobby

One of my favorite pastimes has been makeup design, particularly from the musical CATS. Most of you know I am a big fan of that musical and I have been debating how much of that fandom I wanted to share on this blog.  I've done CATS makeup since I fell in love with the musical as a young teenager, but most of those makeup experiments are a tad embarrassing (maybe one day I'll share them, but not yet.  After a brief hiatus from the fandom I started up again in 2007. I have been less frequent in recent days but every now and then I do get the desire to paint.

A new feature on this blog will be recounting the makeup designs I've done from '07 to now. There are a few that are not CATS related at all and I will share them as well. I hope you enjoy these photos and maybe get inspired to have a little fun with your makeup as well.

On a less happy note, I recently installed Intensedabate for comments. I ended up not liking it so I switched to Disqus and hated it even more. In the process of deleting that I think something went wrong and deleted all of my old Blogger comments ever for this entire blog. I'm not willing to believe that that is true yet. BUT, if you want to help ease the pain if it is, consider giving me a few comments here and there? It would make my day/month/year! Thanks so much for reading, I hope you all had a great Easter!

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