My Birthday Wish List!

It's my birthday this Wednesday, April 17! So I thought I'd make a little list (a bit like my Found Favorites lists) of some things I've been eying. (I don't expect to get everything so this is also a reminder for me to save more money so I can treat my self soon!) Happy early birthday to me!

These Middle Earth leggings are just so wonderfully dorky and so me! I wish they were not so expensive or I would probably have bought them by now.
(via. Black Milk)

I really really want this camera bag purse! It's so cute and I'd love to have a more casual camera bag purse than the fancy black one I already have.
(via. JoTotes)

The camera nerd that I am really needs this SD card holder. Currently my SD cards live in a plastic bag.
(via. Amazon)

That's all I'm going to list. Those three are the only things on my list I have not yet received that are not $400+ camera lenses. (And lets be honest, no one's buying me those...) So, future Jenny; resist the temptation of Starbucks, avoid the call of the stationary section of Target, and don't even walk into the used DVD area of Blockbuster.  Also, cook more. 

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Unknown said...

Those legging and bag are so cute. Happy Early Birthday!! :)
xoxo Aimee