Thank Instagram!


This Tuesday my phone took a turn for the worse. First the sound cut out, then it would not hold a charge.  Before I could connect it to my computer to save all of my contacts and recent photos, it died.  My service provider sent me to Apple, Apple sent me back to my service provider and ultimately I had to get a new phone. (Free of charge, thank goodness!)

The moral of the story is that in the future I need to back up my data (read: photos) more frequently. But THANK INSTAGRAM! If it were not for Instagram I would have lot a lot more. I have a love hate relationship with the app but this time it has really saved me. Pictured above is my most recent Instagram. (From last Saturday) so luckily not much was lost.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram if you do so choose to, here. I might start posting some Instagram update posts as well. (I'm getting deeper into these lifestyle blog trends, oh dear!) Wish me luck this time around and perhaps I should invest in a waterproof case...

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