Take more photos

I have a Canon T3i and I love filming videos with it, however I do not take nearly the amount of photos with it then I'd like.  I noticed this when I was organizing me 2012 recap post. Where were all the photos?  Why was I not taking any? There are tons of reasons why.  I don't take my camera anywhere, it's a large camera and I like having tiny over the shoulder purses to no purses if I can help it. (out of fear of it being swiped if set down/the joy of having both arms free.) Also, being the person who is always asking everyone to pose for a photo is not really who I am.  (I'm usually the quiet one in the group as it is). I do take candid random shots from time to time but again, it makes me a tad self conscious. I need to take photos. I need to become that person again. Before I had a DSLR I was that person, in college mainly.  I am almost five years out of college and my life is being less and less documented via photographs. Maybe I need to splurge on a new camera bag purse? Get over my shyness by starting to take selfies for outfit posts? Start to scrapbook...? Eh. I think to start off I will try and post at least one life update/photo dump (even if it's one photo) every Thursday.  (Not counting photo an hour posts, I still need to do one this month!) It'll give me something to post on Thursdays and force myself to take some dang photos!

(Thanks to my friends Carolyn and Miggs who took the two photos in this post.)


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