Lydia (Beetlejuice) – Halloween 2003

Halloween '03

I wore this costume for Halloween in 2003 (my senior year of high school). The character is Lydia from the Tim Burton film, Beetlejuice.  I dressed in the outfit you first see her in, a black dress with a black straw hat shaded in a lace veil.  I borrowed my dad’s old film camera to complete the character.  I actually went around taking photos with it all day at school.  I like this character and can relate to her a bit so this costume is not entirely retired.  My friend Caitlin dressed as my Beetlejuice and we were quite a hit.


Oh my, it's Beetlejuice!
Halloween '03

Like my coat?
Halloween '03 

Halloween '03 

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Halloween '03 Halloween '03 Halloween '03 Halloween '03

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