Photo an hour >> February 23rd

I really waited to the last minute with this one! I'm probably going to try and do photo an hour during the weekends because the week days would just be a photo of my laptop for 8 hours. I think this day was worth the wait however.

Past Photo an Hour:

10am >> Starting the day off (late) with some waffles!

11am >>Downloading some footage friends sent me for a secret project we're working on.

12pm >> Quick stop at the thrift shop down the street. Found this great 80s sweater and I found the bottles at a yard sale on the walk home.

1pm >> Getting ready to go on an adventure! Took my awesome camera bag/purse, it's bulky but it keeps my DSLR safe.

2pm >> In the car and on the way to The Getty Museum with my parents, my cousin Kavita, my uncle, and Hampus (Kavita's significant other, here from Sweden as well.)

3pm >> We spent half of the time at The Getty just enjoying the beautiful garden.

4pm >> The Roman god of the sea, Neptune, and a dolphin.

5pm >> I of course had to visit my favorite painting here, The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis by Jacques-Louis David. I love it so much I have a print of it framed in my apartment.

6pm >> Driving back to my neck of the woods there was a bit of traffic.

7pm >> Pizza and beer at Rocco's Tavern. We just barely caught happy hour!

8pm >> Hampus and Jim sharing music before Jim's show.

9pm >> Jim performed a solo show at Bar Pico.  He was quite good if I do say so myself.

10pm >> Our friend band, Oak Street Blues, performed after Jim.  It was a fun night.

After the show we went home and went to bed. It was a very eventful day! I am so happy I have been keeping up with this goal, I can't wait to find out what happens in March!


Lydia (Beetlejuice) – Halloween 2003

Halloween '03

I wore this costume for Halloween in 2003 (my senior year of high school). The character is Lydia from the Tim Burton film, Beetlejuice.  I dressed in the outfit you first see her in, a black dress with a black straw hat shaded in a lace veil.  I borrowed my dad’s old film camera to complete the character.  I actually went around taking photos with it all day at school.  I like this character and can relate to her a bit so this costume is not entirely retired.  My friend Caitlin dressed as my Beetlejuice and we were quite a hit.


Oh my, it's Beetlejuice!
Halloween '03

Like my coat?
Halloween '03 

Halloween '03 

More Photos!
Halloween '03 Halloween '03 Halloween '03 Halloween '03

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Tuber Tuesday: Comedy?

I'm not comedy expert, but sometimes I like to try it out. These two videos are a bit cheeky if not funny. I guess sarcasm was my thing at the time...?  Enjoy laughing at or with me! And don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more random humor.  If once a week is not enough, try subscribing to my second channel, there's behind the scenes and unedited gems there.

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Found Favorites #1

Could it be? Could I really have posted Monday through Friday without missing a day? With a full time job and twenty million hobbies, consistent posting on this blog has been hard to achieve.  However I will start to make it more of a priority on my list of hobbies.  Friday seems to be the found/favorite day for most blog I read.  I guess it's time to drink the kool-aid and start: Found Favorites! So here you are, five things I found that I really dig. Enjoy.

I'm so tempted to get this beautiful vintage dress. (The model is Mary Kate Wiles, one of my new favorite actresses!)

Speaking of Wiles, I adore this mug based on a quote from the webshow The Lizzie Bennet Diaries which she is in.
(via. DFTBA)

We're headed that way, so lets just make this an official YouTube themed collection. This embroidery is perfect for any YouTuber. (It's made by YouTuber elmify)
(via. Cutethingslivehere)
 A must have for any vlogger is a cute but sturdy camera strap.  I love the design and color combo on this one.
(via. SweetStrapExpress)
Back to dresses, this dress was actually worn in an episode of TLBD by the character Jane.
(via. ModCloth)
I hope you enjoyed the first of many Found Favorites.  I'm not sure if all will have themes or just be random things I like.  Feel free to send me any things you think I should feature here and if I like them, I just might!

All images in this post belong to websites linked below them, not me. If you are the owner of the images and do not want them featured here, let me know and I will take them down.

Take more photos

I have a Canon T3i and I love filming videos with it, however I do not take nearly the amount of photos with it then I'd like.  I noticed this when I was organizing me 2012 recap post. Where were all the photos?  Why was I not taking any? There are tons of reasons why.  I don't take my camera anywhere, it's a large camera and I like having tiny over the shoulder purses to no purses if I can help it. (out of fear of it being swiped if set down/the joy of having both arms free.) Also, being the person who is always asking everyone to pose for a photo is not really who I am.  (I'm usually the quiet one in the group as it is). I do take candid random shots from time to time but again, it makes me a tad self conscious. I need to take photos. I need to become that person again. Before I had a DSLR I was that person, in college mainly.  I am almost five years out of college and my life is being less and less documented via photographs. Maybe I need to splurge on a new camera bag purse? Get over my shyness by starting to take selfies for outfit posts? Start to scrapbook...? Eh. I think to start off I will try and post at least one life update/photo dump (even if it's one photo) every Thursday.  (Not counting photo an hour posts, I still need to do one this month!) It'll give me something to post on Thursdays and force myself to take some dang photos!

(Thanks to my friends Carolyn and Miggs who took the two photos in this post.)


Arwen (The Lord of the Rings) - The Drama Awards


I love Lord of the Rings.  The films were a pretty decent interpretation of the books (although far from perfect). My favorite character is Sam but also really adore the elves.  I was in high school theater, once upon a time, and every year we would have the Drama Awards.  In 2003 our theme was films so I made an elf costume to wear.  I decided to go as Arwen since she looks the most like me and (in the film at least) is a recognizable character.  The dress quickly got too small for me as time went on so I retired her. After a bit I dug her up again for a television series I made in college. The girl who wore her was too small for it but it worked.

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Tuber Tuesday: Cloning

One experiment I've been trying on YouTube is cloning or twins.  Having two of myself, often talking to each other, is such a cool effect.  It's not easy but I have done it a few times before.  I want to get better at it like Beckie0 and WheezyWaiter, but I have a bit of a way to go.

Take a look and let me know which one was the most convincing!

Thanks for watching!

How To Make Soup in a Bread Bowl

I live in Southern California and so I grew up going to Disneyland all the time.  One of my favorite foods I remember always getting was at Disney's California Adventure. They had an amazing broccoli cheddar soup served in a bread bowl.  The other day I was at the store and a large bread roll inspired me to re-create this favorite of mine.  I oped for the quickest method of making this dish (caned soup) but you can make your own soup from scratch or any kind you like.

What you'll need:
1 large bread roll
1 can of cheddar soup
1 cup of broccoli

Make sure the roll is big enough for your soup.  You can usually find them in the bakery section of your local grocery store.

Start to heat up the soup on the stove with one can's worth of milk.  Be sure to stir it every so often so the soup mixes with the milk.

As that heats up steam the broccoli in the microwave for about 1 and 1/2 minutes.  Be sure to add some water and cover it with a plate.

Cut the top off of the large roll.

Then start to hollow it out, with your hands or a spoon.

Check your soup, if it's blended and hot enough it's done.

Pour the soup into the bread bowl till it almost reaches the top and then pour in the broccoli.  Enjoy!

I'll be honest, it's not as good as Disney's but it's a fun at-home version. Let me know if you try it and what variations you do!


Jemima (Cats) - Halloween 2002


I made this Jemima costume from Halloween 2002. The unitard is painted with acyclic paint and the shoulder fluffies are fake fur. The wig is an altered and painted 'Rubies Cat Hood'. It was fun to wear back in High School but looking back I would have used different materials. I've worn her since then, to see Cats in 2008...but she's so old I retired her after that experience. (I occasionally wear her for video projects but I really need to re-do her if I want to wear her out again).


The photos are from Halloween, at school and after. (I was a Junior in High School) My friend April dressed as a Cats character as well (Etcetera).  That night a big group of us went trick-or-treating. (Yes...we still went trick-or-treating at age 16...)

The day before, April and I helped out the Junior High dance by selling popcorn. I dressed as half-Jemima and April dressed as half-Mistoffelees.

Here is an in-progress shot of my friend Caitlin helping me paint Jemima, just days before Halloween(!) themakingof

More Photos!
AcatAndAnewsie2 Gandalf!! JJE1 JenJem2 JenJemMOEkittyAmyCJ hisss MOEkitty2 JenJem4 TheGang1 coolpic bigspider Afertdance Partypic1 Partypic2 strangeone
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