Photo an hour >> January 21st

A few of my favorite blogs do a 'photo an hour' project where one day of each month they take a photo every hour.  It's one of my 2013 Goals to try this out.  So here is my first installation from this past Monday. It was a holiday so I had no work, also I should mention that my cousin, Kavita, has been staying with me for the past week.  She is from Sweden and is going to be in California for the next 6 months!

9am >> Breakfast time, cereal and cartoons.
10am >> Ready for a day of adventure!

11am >> Santa Monica Beach.  It was so sunny, hard not to go to the beach!

12pm >> Still at the beach. Kavita's future roomie, Angelica, joined us.

1pm >> Visiting the future apartment of Kavita, Angelica, and Anna. (all Swedish!)

2pm >>  Urth Caffe. A favorite stop of mine for coffee and lunch in Santa Monica.

3pm >> Just leaving the caffe. The girls were talking about apartment plans.

4pm >> A quick stop at the mall to use some coupons.  New pants!

5pm >> Food shopping! Trader Joe's is the best.

6pm >> Getting ready to shoot a video together.

7pm >>Tortellini, salad, and a glass of wine for dinner.

8pm >> Chocolate ice cream and strawberry mochi for desert. Yup!

9pm >> Painting nails and watching Scott Pilgrim.

After we finished the movie we got ready for bed.  Kavita had a nice set up on my living room couch and I stayed up a bit reading The Hobbit in my room.  I think this project is going to be great, I can't wait to pick a day next month!


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Jessie said...

Fun day! I wish I was close to the beach. It's so beautiful. Love the new pants.