Raye Hino (Sailor Moon) – Halloween 2000

Raye Hino

 Raye Hino, aka Sailor Mars, was probably my first ever cosplay. (unless you count dressing up a Sailor Moon in the 6th grade in a costume my mom made me from a pattern…) I dressed as her for Halloween in 2000 (my first year of High School).  The only thing that I made rather than found was the collar.  That I made using a revised pattern from that old Sailor Moon costume actually.  I also sewed the buttons on the shirt.  I used temporary black tinted hair spray to complete the look. Clearly, this was before I discovered the wonder of a good wig.

I think I'm going to start posting about my past cosplay/costumes here.  I am transitioning from having a costume website and a blog to just this blog.  There will soon be a costume page with links to posts about each costume.

Thanks for reading!