4 Simple Goals *before 2013!: Results!

The adorable lifestyle blog, A Beautiful Mess, created this blog 'tag' around September of last year.  The original post is here.  It is now 2013 so lets see how I did! You can read my first post about this here and read my progress post here.

1. Make my first Etsy sale. It's sad that the very first goal was a fail.  It was the goal most out of my hands but I am still disappointed about it.  I did, however, sell some crafts and Nerdy Monsters at the Whimsic Alley Craft Fair.  My Etsy account is still at 0 sales.  Moving forward, I am going to add more variety to the store and take more product photos and maybe even spend some money on ads.

2. Exercise at least once a week.  Ah. Another semi-fail. I have been exercising, but I would be lying if I said I've done it each and every week since starting this project.  Some weeks I exercised a few times others, not at all.  There are tons of excuses I could give you, but really this goal is just going to take more time than I thought to really get the hang of.

3. Add to my Jellicle Drawing Project.  Finally, a goal I can say with confidence I suceded in! It was only an hour of work but sitting down and actually drawing has been hard ever since high school ended. So, I'm proud of myself.  The character I drew is The Rum Tum Tugger, and he is quite cute if I do say so myself.

4. Organize and simplify.  I bought a new desk, got rid of old clothing, organized my craft supplies, and yet I still feel I have a long way to go.  I conceder this goal achieved since the difference is very noticeable.  I just don't feel satisfied  enough to stop.  Organizing my life is something I will never really be done with.

This was a fun experiment and though it was only really half successful, I had fun.  Perhaps I'll do more of these goal things this year.



Saralyn said...

great goals! so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower!

happy new year!



Jennifer Holmquist said...

Happy new year to you as well! Thanks for reading!