A Year in Review - 2013

Alright, so I've done a post about my personal year review, now it's time to review the blog. I'm sure everyone's read a ton of these posts already so I'll stick to the hits. If you compare this year to the last, I've defiantly upped my game as a blogger, but I still have a long way to go. Here's to 2014, may it be a grand year for blogging!

My most popular post from 2013 was my post about the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club.

My most popular craft post was these Harry Potter Inspired Winged Key Necklaces.

I started to post old photos from My Makeup Hobby, but there are still quite a few I still need to post.

I premiered the It's So Easy Bein' Me music video I made for the band Artichoke.

My Harry Potter craft fair experience was two days so it warranted a two great posts.

I said goodbye to DailyBooth with a few favorite selfies from the site.

My friends and I went to RenFair.

My cousin got engaged!!! What? This was a big family milestone.

Jim and I traveled to New York City and I captured our time there via photo. Here are the 4 posts I made about our trip. 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

2013 was the year I started doing outfit posts. More than half were casual cosplay, but are you really surprised? I want to do more outfit posts next year, casual cosplay and not. (links below)

Thanks for reading, see you in 2014!
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This Year I...

Inspired by Kaylah's "This year I..." post I decided to make my own! I kinda did it last year except I called it A Year in Photos)
Since 2013 is almost over, here we go, This year I... 

 dyed the tips of my hair pink before chopping it off
took a photo every hour one day out of each month
spent a lot of time at the YouTube Creator Space

went to Disneyland a few times with the best people

said goodbye to my sister right before she left for her Tokyo Disneyland contract (she does not come home till next April!)

spent my 27th birthday at The Edison

 attended three weddings (two out-of-state, Oregon and New York)

sold Nerdy Monsters in the 2-day Whimsic Alley Harry Potter craft fair (day one & day two)

saw a wizard rock show and many The Long Holidays shows

went to my third VidCon!

celebrated the two year anniversary of CalNerdCon

dressed up as Lousie and Ellie for Halloween

made 12 videos reviewing The Rocky Horror Picture show and all

made my very first Etsy sale!
Here's to 2014 being twice as awesome!
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So Z over at Sometimes Z Take Pictures hosted a blog Secret Santa this year. I'm not sure if the receiver of my present has gotten it yet (been secretly stalking their blog) but I have received my gift from my Secret Santa! The person who had me was Victoria from Life as Mrs. Aguila. Her gifts were lovely and personal and just great, let me show you what I got: 
Thank you so much Victoria!
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Photo an Hour >> December 24th

The final Photo an Hour post! I chose Christmas Eve since it is a special achievement. I don't think I'll be doing Photo an Hour next year but it was a fun project and I'm glad I completed it. Who knows what next year's photo project will be but I am excited to keep up the habit of taking more photos.

Past Photo an Hour:

10am >> Enjoying my old backyard at my parents house.
December 24th 2013 

11am >> Christmas eve brunch! Blueberry pancakes made by my dad.

12pm >> The view from my old bedroom window.
December 24th 2013

1pm >> The house is so pretty. I love these little Swedish Santas (I got some of my own for Christmas!)
IMG_1688 IMG_1687

2pm >> Making Christmas cookies with my mom.
December 24th 2013

3pm >> Cutting out cookies and watching The Fellowship of the Ring. True family bonding.
IMG_1692 December 24th 2013

4pm >> Still watching Fellowship and it looks like the cookies are out of the oven.
December 24th 2013 December 24th 2013

5pm >> Fancy Christmas nails! Also, we frosted cookies. (Before I did my nails, obviously.)
December 24th 2013 December 24th 2013

6pm >> Still watching Fellowship. If you're watching The Lord of the Rings and it's not the extended edition, don't talk to me. (Also, bonus points if you know why Merry and Pippin look so shocked in this scene.)IMG_1712

7pm >> The best photos I could get of our tree.
December 24th 2013 IMG_1723

After 7pm >> Jim picked me up and took me to his mom's family Christmas party. At this point I stopped taking hourly photos, but here's an Instragram shot of Jim and some of his cousins. (Just some!)

I hope everyone had a happy holiday!
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