DIY: Nerdy Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite vloggers and bloggers, Karen Kavett, created some nerdy Christmas ornaments and I tried out three of her designs. A Poké Ball, polka dot, and a golden snitch. 
I used white paint and a black sharpie (ran out of black paint) to create the Poké Ball. 
The polka dots on the green ornament are from a white lable cut out with a hole punch.
The golden snitch was made from cardboard scraps, yellow paint, gold rope, and hot glue.  
I learned that hot glue is not easy to work with at such a small scale and have it not show, it looks fine 
from a distance however.  Thanks for the ideas, Karen!

Merry Christmas!


Dorien said...

Oh my god! I cannot believe I have never thought of a pokéball and a golden snitch! I MUST try these for next year. Definitely. Thank you so much for linking! Yours turned out great! xo

Jennifer Holmquist said...

Thanks so much! They were so fun to make.

Amber said...

Love them!! I tried to my nerd on and get a TARDIS tree ornament but they sold out before I could get one :(

xo Amber P.

Jennifer Holmquist said...

Thanks! I wonde if you could make a TARDIS ornament...I'll have to try that next year!