How I Wrapped My Christmas Presents

This is just a small selection of the Christmas presents I've made and bought for friends and family this year.  However, this year, I wrapped them all the same way.  I was inspired by a simplistic wrapping paper design I found at Targe.  It was on the cheeper end of their paper but I fell in love.

In lieu of bows, I cut out ball ornaments shapes from some scraps of red construction paper I had lying around.  I used a circular pin and a red sharpie to get the perfectly round shape, but I'm sure I could have eyeballed it as well.  Then I cut a small piece of brown ribbon and attached one end of the paper and the other end to the present with tape. 

On the back of the construction paper I wrote who it's to and who it's from (me!)

If you want to do this yourself all you need is above!  (and a red sharpie and pin if you don't want to eyeball the circle shape.)  Good luck and happy holidays!


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