Whimsic Alley Craft Fair - November 2012

I sold crafts at my first ever craft fair! It was November 10th and the 11th and it was a success! By 'success' I mean that Whitney and I both made back our table cost.  I was there both days selling my Nerdy Monsters and buttons and pygmy puffs.  Whitney could not make it either of the days but I had helpers come visit and watch the table for me when I took breaks.

The above photo is from the first day of the fair, I mixed Whitney's paintings in with my monsters and I think our table was the most colorful there! (Defiantly the cutest.)

Giant photo dump to follow, you've been warned.

I made a large cardboard sign for my goods complete with bright yellow arrows with the prices on them.  The mailing list and business cards did not get that much attention on the first day.

I put some of Whitney's paintings in my suitcase with my monsters.  Without a clear line between our crafts, they appeared even more friendly and showed how well they went together.

The quills placed by the large paintings was a last minute prop that I feel gave the table a completed look.

Day two of the fair! Here's our setup with my favorite of my helpers, Jim!

Switched it up a bit with the large sign on the right, giving the booth workers more space to see out in the center.

Jim finished reading The Hobbit at our booth before the customers arrived.

Wiz Kid hung out by Whitney's painting prices sign. (He was the most popular Nerdy Monster at the fair!)

Out of all of my plushies, the pygmy puffs were the biggest hit!  I'm considering making them in different colors now.

Next time I want to have a wider selection of buttons.  I also offered to do custom buttons and might think about putting some designs on Etsy.

Had to take at least one photo of myself, Gryffindor pride!

Jim was such a great helper, I even bought him a Ravenclaw tie so he would fit in!

I am signed up to do the next Whimsic Alley craft fair in May.  Whitney and I will both be there this time, just at a smaller table.

Nerdy Monsters: nerdymonsters.etsy.com
Whitney's Paintings: whitneylynnart.etsy.com