Music: Oak Street Blues

Oak Street Blues can best be described as fun. When you go to an Oak Street Blues show, you have a good time.  Depending on the venue, they have lasers, a fog machine, bubbles, Pumpkin Head guy, and a giant penguin.  See, fun! They have a watering can filled with kazoos that they pass out during some songs and there is always dancing at their shows, always.

The current members (from left to right) are Alejandra Arellano (drums), Desiree Gonzalez (keyboards), Chris Hall (guitar, lead vocals), and Jenny Arias (base, ukulele).

They performed at a local bar called Joxer Dalys this past Saturday.  It was a long three set night and they were the only band.  Apart from the dancing by the crowd, it was a rather low key show as far as 'attractions' go.  It was still super fun however!  I brought my sister (we never hang out, so that was big) and stayed the entire three sets.

Throughout the years I've become friends with the members of the band and their extended group of friends as well.  It's probably my new favorite way to make friends, through bands!

Oak Street Blues

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