Music: The Long Holidays

For those of you who don't know me, you have yet to learn about my favorite band.  I admit I'm a bit biased in the matter, as my boyfriend Jim is the lead singer and main songwriter of that band.  Also, I am friends with all five current members and I've had the opportunity to watch the band grow and change throughout the years.  However, I believe I am unbiased when I say that The Long Holidays have never sounded better and they are really good at what they do.

From left: Andy, John, James, Keven, Sean
The line up is: James Holmquist (vocals, guitar, 8-string ukulele) who is also a scientist when he's not making music, Andy Worshill (bass, trombone, vocals), Kevin Engelking (piano, vocals), Sean Garnreiter (trumpet), and John Higgins (drums).  They play a music that is a unique blend of americana, indie rock, folk, and surf.  'Adventure Rock' at it's finest. 

This past weekend they had a gig in San Diego at a cool bar called Tin Can Alehouse.  They were the headliners and they closed out the night with a loud powerful dance-worthy sound. Believe me, there was lots of dancing!  (I wish I had a good photo of the whole band performing, but the stage was so small!)

If you want some good music to add to your playlists, I highly recommend their 6 song EP, "Through Two Lenses" You can download it for free off their bandcamp.  There's something for any adventurer with songs about: chaparrals and coyotes, sea shanties, buried rock tapes and a music legend, a high-altitude parachute jump, spies in love, and a guy trying to escape his regrets with booze and travel.

If you do download their album, let me know what your favorite song off it was! I'm really curious what people who don't know them personally think.

If you want to read more about The Long Holidays I recently wrote a guest post about them at The Owls Den here.

Find The Long Holidays here: 


Friso1990 said...

My favourite is "We Take No Quarter Tonight", but I like them all :D

Jennifer Holmquist said...

YES sea shanties! <3