Just a Little Bit about Me

I've been updating this blog for a bit now and I realized you don't know too much about me yet.  So here's a little post with the cliff notes to me.  Well, my name is Jennifer, but my friends call me Jenny.  I am a creative lady with her head in the clouds and far too many ideas.  I always have ideas for projects and get an obsessive drive when completing one.  Fantasy and sci-fi are my genres of choice when it comes to books and films. I'm a proud nerd, musical theater fan, older sister, optimistic realistic, living with the love of my life, crazy weird girl.

Here's a screen cap from of my favorite videos I've made for YouTube.  You can watch it here. I've always been interested in making my own short films and regardless if it becomes my career or not, I will never stop creating them.

I currently work at a production company that makes videos for YouTube, I upload them and make sure they get watched.  It's fun to be able to work with a website that I love and doing a job that did not exist when I was going to college.

I have a wonderful boyfriend/partner in crime/best friend named Jim who surprises me every day which how much I love him.  He's the best scientist/musician I've ever met and he is always there for me when I need him to be.  We've had an interesting and awesome ride so far and the future is looking like it's going to be an exciting adventure.

Family is very important to me and there is no one closer than my sister.  It's true that we have not spent that much time together since we both grew up but we still love each other the same.  She currently works at Disneyland so I get to get in free sometimes and see her in action, which is always a treat.  In fact, last year she was working at Paris Disneyland and I made sure to visit her over there as well.

France was one of four countries I visited last October (2011), I also went to Sweden, Denmark, and The Netherlands.  I traveled with my boyfriend's brother, Eric, since Jim was studying in Holland at the time.  We stayed with him there right before heading to Paris to see my sister.  I'll probably post about that amazing trip at some point.  (It's been almost a year and I'm still working on getting all the photos sorted through!)

I also spend a lot of time with Jim's sisters, Julianne and Allie.  They are teenagers and we have a lot of fun together...especially when we are making fun of Jim.

I hope this post gave you a bit more insight into who I am and maybe you'll stick around and read what else I have to say.  Thanks for reading and leaving comments, it means so much!
To finish, here are 11 random facts about myself:
  • I have a degree in Film and TV Production with a minor in Theater
  • I am a YouTuber.
  • That being said, I am an introvert.
  • I really want to own a cat.
  • I am terribly allergic to cats.
  • I am an avid crafter and love sewing.
  • I've been to Sweden 4 times.
  • Some of my best friends were made through the internet.
  • I was born in the 80s.
  • I often cosplay at conventions for fun.
  • Me and the internet, we're kinda close.
Because you made it the whole way through, here is me dressed as Ariel (in a costume I made myself!)