LMU's Next Top Ridiculously Good-Looking Person

LMU's Next Top Ridiculously Good-Looking Person, was a project I came up with early 2007.  I had been watching too much America's Next Top Model (and probably Zoolander) and I thought, "Wow, there is nothing they won't do for a photo-shoot theme."  It made me think of things they've never done, outrageous theme ideas like clowns, cross-dressing, bums, and more.  Most of which the show itself would actually do.  (And maybe by now, have.)  This was also the time period when YouTube was getting big and although I was avoiding vlogs at time (heh, look at me now…) I had been watching a few really interesting web dramas.  I just really really wanted to make my own webshow.  When my friend Nicole heard my idea, to create a false reality show about over the top model wannabes with lots of issues and drama (a farce) she loved it.

 We began writing the scripts that summer together and by the start of my Senior year (her Sophomore year) we were holding auditions.  We made the show mainly for our campus television station, The Roar Network.  Doing that allowed us to rent equipment for free and actually get some funding for the project. 

I had always dreamed of an internet release, but was unaware of exactly to go about that.  I uploaded the episodes YouTube before I really understood the website fully so it did not do as well as I wanted it to.  No one was watching outside from the cast and friends.

Even though it's years later (and most of the cast probably has not thought about the show since then)  I have decided to release it on my YouTube channel.   I'm very proud of the project and hopefully it will generate some fans that did not go to my alma mater.  
In it's initial internet release I had been editing together 'webisodes' which have deleted scenes from the episodes.  Those are also being re-released my secondary YouTube channel.  

The following videos are the first two promos for the show and below that are links to all the current episodes and their deleted scenes.  I might have a contest soon now that the first 5 episodes are live.  Also, of you enjoy the show, please subscribe to my channels here and here so you can be sure to catch the last five episodes!


Episode 1 - Sex Symbol
    Webisode 1 - Extra Confessionals
Episode 2 - Sweet Transvestite
    Webisode 2 - Dressing Room
Episode 3 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Webisode 3 - Getting Along
Episode 4 - Buy Me
    Webisode 4 - Brady and Cloe
Episode 5 - Lights, Camera, Action!
    Webisode 5 - Don't Provoke the Whip

Questions for the comments:
Who is your favorite character?
Who do you think will win?

Thank you so much for watching!


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ShyScout said...

Ahaha! That is so awesome that you created your own reality show and got funding for it. You go girl! That is very cool. I hope it catches on now that you re-realeased it on your new youtube channel :]