Charmed Thirds Book Review

Charmed Thirds is the third book (go figure) in a young adult fiction series by Megan McCafferty.  As I said before, it's a series I got into after reading Hayley G Hoover's raving reviews of it on her blog.  Boy was she right, I mean, the series is nothing terribly special.  Not to say it's not good, it's very good, just not difficult or particularly profound in it's writing style.  The subject matter and the characters and the story in general is very interesting.  It's realistic fiction again, somethings that's a trend for me this year despite it being low on my list of favorite writing styles, and it's a love story (actually common in my tastes.)  What really surprised me was the amount of sex in the book for a young adult book.  I can not picture teens I know reading it, I just can't.  However, if I read it as a teen I don't think it would alarm me much.  That's the thing about getting older, you slowly lose the ability to instantly remember being a younger age.  I can still bring myself back there, but it takes a second and concentration.  People that are younger than me just seem SO young until I really think about it.

Overall this book was probably the most surprising in the series so far.  Tons of twits and turns in the plot and not too predictable at all.  I recommend it, but start with the first book!  It also moves quickly through time which was surprising, you have to learn to keep up.  I will be looking for the fourth book and hopefully read it before the year is up.

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