Missing 'Real' Things

I finished book 4 in my 25 Books challenge!  This is the first Maureen Johnson book I've ever read and I really understand why she is so popular amongst teens these days.  The book was fabulous.  Again, it's not my genera of choice but I really fell in love with the characters and cared for what happened to them.  (Which is more than I can say for 'Requiem For a Dream' but that's a rant for another day.)  I also realized there is a sequel to this book but I think I am going to read a different Maureen Johnson book first.  (Another PPS book!)  However I do think I'll be buying book 6 from Amazon.com  That's one thing that's really making me mad, all the book stores close to me are going out of business.  Where am I supposed to browse around for books anymore?  The internet is great but just does not have the same feel and discovery as a book store.  Also, I'm a big fan of holding physical books.  Sure they take up space but it's so much more satisfying to hold them in your hands and lend them to friends and occasionally  write notes in them.  The action of putting pen to paper is slowly getting lost in all of this technology these days...(says the girl who just got an iPhone.)

I really miss the days when I had pen pals and we wrote physical letters to one another.  The personalization and art and the anticipation of waiting for a letter to come in the mail.  I miss that.  That's why I've started a new project.  I want to receive and send 100 letters, snail mail style.  I've started a new blog where you can find out more information on the project: 100 Letters.  I hope if you enjoy this blog that you will go and follow that one.

Books Read: 4

Second Helpings Book Review

With three books down and the end of January near, I am slightly ahead in my 25 book goal.  The third book I read was called 'Second Helpings' and it was by Megan McCafferty.  It is the second book in a series (I'm actually not sure how long it goes) about a smart girl dealing with High School, boys, and her seemingly idiotic peers.  (FYI, I have read the first.)  It's not my normal style when it comes to Young Adult books.  (I'm more of a fantasy/scifi, third person fan and less of a normal fiction/first person fan) however I really enjoyed the story.  In fact, ever since I started reading John Green, I have been reading lots more young adult fiction that has nothing to do with fantasy or scifi, I'm proud of myself.  Anyways, I found out about the series from reading Hayley G Hoover's blog.  Good recommendation.  I have a few other recommendations from some other friends so we'll see if I can snag them from PaperBackSwap.

In other news, my ideas for my new YouTube channel have started to come in.  I have about 4 videos in the works right now and I am planning on posting every Wednesday again.  I'd like to have a contest but not till I get my old number of subscribers back. (322) I'm close, but it may take another month or so. 

I've also started to work on getting my website back up and running.  When I first made it it was going to serve as my costuming commissions website.  I ended up not having the time to actually make costumes for other people so I left it untouched for a while.  I am going to be gradually adding photo galleries of all my old costumes anyways and perhaps when I DO have the time, I'll make some things for other people.  Swing by and take a look at what's there.  I'll be sure to update here as well whenever I add a new gallery.

In a blog comment Cassey asked asked if I am writting reviews on all the books I read (of course!) and if I'm on Goodreads, I am! Here!

Books Read: 3