The Fault in Our Stars Review (No Spoilers)

The mere notion of 'no spoilers' at this point is probably unnecessary in the fan community surrounding John Green's books, (Nerdfighters, if you will) because as far as I've found, most of the fans read it the day it came out.  They devoured it in a single sitting, to use a common metaphor, consuming it's pages of wit, joy, and despair.  I, on the other hand, took my sweet time with it.  This is partially due to the fact I have a full time job, a full time boyfriend, and no maids to clean, shop, and cook for me.  (To be fair, the boyfriend does most of the cooking).  As much as I wanted to take the rest of the week off from life and read this gem, life got in the way.  I enjoyed the fact it lasted, however.  John Green does not pump out novels like a dime store romance novelist, so letting it last was just fine.  It probably will end up in my top three John Green books, along with 'An Abundance of Katherines' and 'Will Grayson Will Grayson'.  I cried various times during the book, and not at the obvious parts.  But I cry at everything, happy things more then sad.  I cry during Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  I cry when kids are too cute in films.  I'll probably be bawling throughout my own wedding.  So this fact is not a spoiler, not really.  When I had one chapter left I took a break for a day.  I could not bring myself to finish it, I did not want it to end and I worried for the ending.  But I finished it.  It was perfect.

I'm not one for long reviews, but I'd like to get better.  One of my New Years Resolutions is to write more.  I'd like to post here more and see my post length get longer and see my comments grow.  However time is never enough and I can count the number of people who read this blog on one hand.  It's still only the first month of the year so I am no where near giving up.  I have a few other Resolutions that I have had varying success with so far.  I want to be healthier.   I'm not athletic and I'm not a health food nut.  So for me, this means actually exercise.  In my previous journal I mentioned my workout routine.  (Watch Gossip Girl, a show I less than like, and complete a particular workout DVD)  I have yet to do it so far this year sadly.  My other Resolution is to make more friends IRL and actually hang out with them.  I've got together with the girls from work once, so I count that as 'in progress'.  Other things are the basic YouTuber Resolutions: Post more videos, Collab more, etc. etc. etc. So there's that.  I really think that this year is going to be pretty great.  2010 sucked and 2011 sucked even more, so the odds are not good but so far 2012 has been quite awesome.

I'm jumping on the band wagon with some of my favorite bloggers and tracking things this year at the bottom of my blog.  So far I'm tracking amount of books (to help with my 25 book challenge). 

Books Read This Year: 2

25 Books

A few years ago I attempted the '50 books in a year' challenge that was going around at the time. I failed but managed at least 25 if I remember correctly. My friend Eden is attempting to read 25 books this year and I am going to join her. I am a slow reader so this is probably the most manageable number with a full time job and many other hobbies. So far I've read one, it's called 'Ruby' and it's written by Francesca Lia Block (one of my all time favorites authors) and Carmen Staton. It was beautiful, poetic, and deliciously full of vivid imagery as all of Block's books tend to be. It was also heart-wrenchingly sad in moments and deals with serous subject matter, primarily child abuse. There was a strong sense of magic and fantasy as well, as all of Blocks amazing stories do. It was a quick read and I highly recommend it. If you are new to Block's works I recommend starting with 'I Was a Teenage Fairy' or 'Violet & Claire' as those were the two books I started with.  If you enjoy those you must read the series 'Dangerous Angels' starting with 'Weetzie Bat'. 

Every time I finish a book I'll post a short review here and if you want to join me, please comment and let me know what your first book of 2012 is!  I'd love recommendations of books that you love so send them my way as well. Wish me luck!