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Let's Collaborate

Guest Post
Want to reach a new audience? Guest posting is a great way to do that! The post will drive traffic to your blog so readers can find more of your style.  Email me with an idea to see if it is something that will fit here. I mostly do these as an exchange; you write for me, I write for you.

If you have an interesting product that you'd like to get out there and see what the interest is, giveaways are the way to go.  I ask that a giveaway have at least a $15 dollar value.  Email me for further information.  Giveaways will get their own post.  You can also gain readers this way if you have a blog/twitter/etc.

Product Review
I am willing to review your product in exchange for a fee or the product if it's genuinely something I would purchase on my own. My review will be honest but kind. I will only review things I do genuinely like and the item will not be returned.

Found Favorites

Don't want to send me something but would still like a quickie review? I often do some online window shopping and post my findings. If you send me a link to your product you might just see it show up in one of my Found Favorites posts.

I have a YouTube channel and I love doing collaborations there. I've done collaborative short films, long-distance interviews, reviews, tag compilations, and unboxings. Please email me your ideas and we can talk about how we can work together.

Disclosure: MCJ is a for-profit blog and I am a member of skimlinks and shareasale. That being said I only support and promote things I personally believe in, love and stand by. Ad space is non-refundable. I reserve the right to terminate any sponsorship at any time without refund due to unethical business practices or conflicts of interest. 

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