Nerdy Monsters

N E R D Y  M O N S T E R S
On May 4th, 2012 I opened up the Etsy shop, Nerdy Monsters, with the idea to create little monster plushies who each passionate fans of different things. (Harry Potter, YouTube, Doctor Who, etc.) As time went on I started creating other things for her shop, hair bows, jewelry, and buttons. My series of feminist buttons is currently her best seller. So I expanded my button designs  and now my best seller is a Hamilton inspired button series. I've since added magnets as an option and I plan to expand my button and magnet designs even more. Regardless of the shift in my shop's main focus, I'll never stop making my little Nerdy Monsters. 

There is currently an email newsletter for the Nerdy Monsters shop that is also tied to this blog in small ways. It's sent from the email address which forwards to 
The newsletter is free to sign up for and includes games 

Feel free to reach out to me about this blog or even just to chat.
If you are a customer and have specific product questions, please use the contact button located on the left of the shop page.

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