Hello! My name is Jenny. Welcome to my personal blog. A little over two years ago I moved from my lifetime home of Southern California to the Maryland part of the Chesapeake Bay. It hasn't been the easiest transition for me. Writing about my life and my experiences, as well as my happy memories, have helped me cope a bit with the changes and my own mental health struggles. I hope that reading about my life as a self-employed creative and consultant living far away from friends and family helps you and inspires you to celebrate the small things in life. I know I'm learning to.
I n fact, writing has always helped me. I've been writing stories and poems and journaling for as long as I can remember. I've accumulated an abundance of diaries and notebooks and sketchbooks that I've filled with the tales and worlds in my head. I've posted the smaller percentage of my narratives and experiences in blogs and videos online throughout the years. This blog is my main hub and home on the internet and I hope you enjoy reading here.

Sometimes help comes from other people. Thankfully I married a great person. He's a climate change scientist, a songwriter and musician, and one of the most kind-hearted caring human beings I've ever met. Not only does he teach me every day about this planet we live on, but he also teaches me about myself. I could wax lyrically on about how much I love him but then we'd be here all day.

You can read more about our wedding if you'd like. You can also read some of my favorite posts or watch my video blog on my YouTube channel.

My goals in life are to spend time with those I love and to help other people. This blog is my own way of doing both.