Marge Gunderson (Fargo) - Halloween 2018

This was the easiest Halloween costume I've ever come up with. Honestly, I feel guilty even calling it cosplay since all I did was buy the sheriff shirt at *gasp* Party City. Everything else, down to the Disneyland 'sheriff' pin with my name and Mickey Mouse on it, I already owned. (Though I admit, I saved that hat from a donation pile knowing I'd want to cosplay Marge if I ever was pregnant during Halloween.) I knew I didn't want to dress up as an inanimate object, using my belly bump as a mere prop. I wanted to be a pregnant character and Marge is easily my favorite. She's just so great and her and her and husband Norm are one of my favorite movie couples of all time. 

Halloween night was a kickball night, so the jacket was perfect for an evening on the field. (I don't play, I just watch and socialize.) Jim wore his classic Team Zessu costume and I had hot cocoa in my coffee cup prop. It wasn't cold enough for the mittens, and honestly, the hat was pretty annoying. Overall it was a great Halloween, and I can't wait till next year when I'll have a little baby to dress up!