BroadwayCon 2018 - Day 2

(If you repost my photos please credit me and link this blog, thank you!)
Day two of BroadwayCon 2018 was a big day. It was the day of the cosplay panel, the mainstage cosplay fashion show, and the day Julianne was attending with me!

She started the day by bringing coffee and croissant to my hotel room. (Well, she actually gave her croissant to a homeless man, so I gave her half of mine.) She was dressed as Veronica Sawyer (my old costume from the first BroadwayCon) and I was Jemima...with trimmed ears. We took the necessary cosplay mirror selfies before walking over to the convention center.
IMG_1800 IMG_1872

I had to show her the Phantom booth, first thing.
IMG_1802 IMG_1805

Next was the Lin-Manuel Miranda cardboard cut-outs...Julianne interviewed one for her article. (😂)
IMG_1855 IMG_1859

Um, what? (It's from School of Rock...oh Andrew.)
IMG_1860 IMG_1873 IMG_1876 IMG_1875

The 'Curtians Up On Cosplay' panel was so wonderful this year! I was so honored to be apart of this for the second year in a row. Be sure to check out the panel video here! IMG_1880 IMG_1882

Our Jellicle squad made it into the top 10 finalists of the cosplay fashion show! Wow wow wow! IMG_1887 IMG_1891 IMG_1902

I hung out with Chris on Saturday as well! I shot some cosplay video of him and Luis, I'll let you know once he posts it! IMG_1914 IMG_1908 IMG_1910

More Andrew Lloyd Webber relics in the wild. IMG_1912

♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎ IMG_1922

I'll leave you with this. Me: “You might not recognize me in this costume.” Tyler: “Oh, I recognize those eyes.” Me: *Is dead and has taken the stairs to the Heavyside Layer*