Before sitting down to write this post I searched the word ‘goals’ on a free stock image website, this photo by Glen Carrie was the first result. I love it because the single goal is almost lost in a fog.

That’s how I feel.

It’s how I’ve felt for a while now, but with so many distractions I never had to face it full on before. I’ve had this feeling that there’s no clear direction to head in anymore, at least, not one that feels responsible or realistic.

I’ve been in online therapy, for BFRB, on and off for the past two years. I’ve been awful at keeping up with it. I’m nearing the end of the program and I just want to be able to put it behind me, reflect on what I’ve learned, and keep progressing forward.

One of the worksheets is about creating values-consistent goals. What matters to me most in life and how can I actively do things to make progress towards my values? In an effort to strengthen my commitment towards these goals, I’m sharing them here.

- Family

1st Goal: Call my family (or friends) in California (or sister in Japan) twice a week.

2nd Goal: Go on romantic dates (let it be cheesy) with my spouse more often.

- Community

1st Goal: Connect with a new friend twice a week. (try and plan a hang out at least once a week)

2nd Goal: Do something fun outside of the house once every weekend.

- Creativity

1st Goal: Participate in monthly creative projects such as Inktober and NaNoWriMo.

2nd Goal: Really and truly start blogging again. (heh...)

- Learning

1st Goal: Take a class either for a hobby or for work.

2nd Goal: Attend a public lecture at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.

- Kindness

1st Goal: Volunteer somewhere in town.

2nd Goal: Write snail mail letters to loved ones.

In addition to these I've taken another look at my yearly goals, and though I think sorting through those deserves another post, know that I have not forgotten about what I set out to do. The more tangible things are where I'm behind, the lifestyle goals have been working out though.

Notice that 'career' goals are nowhere to be found on this or other goal posts (heh...goal posts) and that's on purpose. I'm pretty private about my job and I'm still working through how to promote myself more online. It's tough when the lines are so blurred.

I'm working on myself and writing about it helps so I hope this post is not oversharing. Writing has been a calming activity and sharing goals has helped make them more real.