What I'm Currently Reading

I'll be honest with you, I feel a bit weird about this video. It may be because I filmed it over a month ago, or it could be my odd non-scripted book descriptions, but it's probably because I'm not a 'current events' YouTuber and am not addressing the hate and recent tragedy in this country in this video.

See, in my day to day life I'm going to protests and city council meetings and having bad mental health days but on YouTube I'm reacting to my old videos and talking about books. I don't feel guilty...just weird.

I know I don't want to quit, but maybe I want to try making less 'talking head' vlogs and try some new stuff. 

Anyway, here's a more cheerful me from July sharing what I'm currently reading. Since filming this video I've finished the Haunted Mansion book and picked up The Handmaid's Tale. 

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