Reviewing Week Five of VEDIM(M)

Wow, Vlog Every Day In March (Maybe) is over! This week was only five days and I uploaded a video on only two of them. (I took progressively more days off as the weeks went on, yes I noticed.) These two videos were ones I had been planning on making since the start; stats and outtakes. I purposely did not get into the emotional aspects of VEDIM(M) since I'm still processing it all. It was hard. I certainly had the time and resources to have had done all 31 days, it was the mental and emotional side of myself that failed me. (To be clear, I don't think I failed the project.)

The open-ended-ness of the word "maybe" saved me from getting upset and allowed me to view the project from a more scientific point of view. What I mean by that is, I wanted to see what would happen with loose rules and a forgiving structure. I believe without that there would have been (even more) hits to the quality and I think I would have had experienced some pretty stressful days had I not had that extra M. I did the right thing ultimately and I am actually proud of myself for what came out of the endeavor.

One of the main things I learned was that I can continue to do this hobby every day, just not upload every day. Editing, filming, planning/scripting, CCing, and maybe even learning to do visual effects, are all things I can be working on. VEDIM(M) was a good jumpstart, but now it's time to take it out of the public eye until the next upload. As always, thank you for subscribing and feel free to click on the image that intrigues you most.