Reviewing Week One of VEDIM(M)

VEDIM(M) stands for Vlog Every Day In March (Maybe), my month long project for March. I'm trying to create quality videos every day to see how it makes me feel (but with low pressure, hence the 'maybe.') I explain it more in the first video, but the idea is because of my short attention span when it comes to hobbies.

So far I've uploaded 3 videos that were shot in February and 2 videos that were shot the day they were uploaded. I still have 4 pre-shot videos (one of those is actually is up today but I'll review it next Monday, etc.) There are 26 more days to go...however I have a long list of ideas. So, the real challenge is production and post-production. I'm feeling confident, but you always do in week one of a month long project...

Here's the VEDIM(M) playlist so far. ~click me~ or go ahead and scroll through the thumbnail images and click on one that intrigues you!