Reviewing Week Four of VEDIM(M)

Week four of VEDIM(M) was the shortest week yet at only four videos total. I uploaded, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. (Only falling one video short of my plan to copy the format of week three.) It was a tough week. I used pre-shot (kinda old) footage for one, Twitch footage for another, YT live streamed for the third and shot the fourth on a pretty bad day. (It took forever to edit the short video 'cause I had way too much footage of me trying to get out of my head.)

The last week will be even shorter yet but I am looking forward to being able to say that this project is complete and I am happy with the result. (I really am!) So stay tuned for the final videos and click on the images below that make you curious. >^..^<

Reviewing Week Three of VEDIM(M)

VEDIM(M) week three, come and gone. I fell into a groove this week that I really liked. The groove is as follows: Monday: video, Tuesday: no video, Wednesday: makeup time lapse via Twitch, Thursday: no video, Friday: video, Saturday: montage, Sunday: live stream.

I like this format so much I'm replicating it for the fourth week. It's a formula that really feels much more balanced than a full on video every single day. If week four goes well I might take elements for the final week. (Though the last two videos are already planned.)

Part of me is really looking forward to posting only once a week but this continued work is really helpful to understanding things about myself. Like recognizing patterns in my emotions on days I feel too worn out to make a video, or feeling the waves of inspiration and ambition ebb and flow. Some days I love my huge list of ideas, it makes me feel like I have no limitations. Other days that list is a source of guilt, the videos I should be making but instead do something that requires much less effort.

Here are the videos from week three, click on the thumbnails that entice you, or watch them all here.

Reviewing Week Two of VEDIM(M)

Oh wow, am I learning a lot from VEDIM(M)! This week started off on Monday with a pretty long video tag that revealed a lot about how I've been feeling about YouTube recently and my own YouTube history. It did well and a few people I tagged even did it. This week was also the first week where I skipped a day. It was my slight contribution to the Day Without a Woman strike. I realize YouTube is not my job, but I just didn't feel right "being seen" that day, if that makes any sense.

Overall week two was much more stressful than week one. It was longer, I had less pre-recorded videos to use, and I had some bad days. Friday and Sunday were the first montages I did. I did not even promote them anywhere save for the auto-tweet that all my videos get. There were only 2 pre-recorded videos, the last of what I had stock-pilled. (Since I decided to delete the footage from a 'get ready with me' I shot...) It was rough, but I have to remind myself of that second 'M.' It's perfectly okay to skip more days. 

I might skip today out of necessity. I'm busy on an edit for work and I think my Premiere will be tied up in that till this evening. Lets hope I can bulk shoot today at least. Feel free to brows the thumbnails and click on the ones that spark your interest. Thank you!

Reviewing Week One of VEDIM(M)

VEDIM(M) stands for Vlog Every Day In March (Maybe), my month long project for March. I'm trying to create quality videos every day to see how it makes me feel (but with low pressure, hence the 'maybe.') I explain it more in the first video, but the idea is because of my short attention span when it comes to hobbies.

So far I've uploaded 3 videos that were shot in February and 2 videos that were shot the day they were uploaded. I still have 4 pre-shot videos (one of those is actually is up today but I'll review it next Monday, etc.) There are 26 more days to go...however I have a long list of ideas. So, the real challenge is production and post-production. I'm feeling confident, but you always do in week one of a month long project...

Here's the VEDIM(M) playlist so far. ~click me~ or go ahead and scroll through the thumbnail images and click on one that intrigues you!