BroadwayCon 2017 Cosplay Sneak Peek! - WIP Wednseday

I leave tomorrow on a bus to NYC for the second annual BroadwayCon. I've kept my costume, for the most part, a secret. It's a crossover costume of my two favorite musicals, and it's a pun. Feel free to guess, the costume will be revealed tomorrow when I wear it to see CATS! (4th-row orchestra aisle seat!!!) Follow me on Instagram to catch that reveal.

Anyways, please enjoy a few work-in-progress shots (minus makeup) of my costume. Huge shout-out to my mom for sewing all the buttons on by hand. I love you mom!

See you at BroadwayCon if you're going. If not, you can look forward to so many photos, video, etc. in the next few weeks! Meow!

IMG_7485 IMG_7484 IMG_7500 IMG_9268