Original London Jennyanydots

I had to start the post with this out-of-focus photo because the rest are really creepy. I'm not sure why I feel that way (perhaps it has a horror clown vibe) and it could be the fault of my interpretation. (I used it as the video thumbnail for that reason as well) Anyway, this is my third time trying Jennyanydots makeup. The first was the video version in 2010 and the second was the Broadway version done just before this one. As you cans see I'm still struggling with the white base being patchy in parts and don't even mention my thick and imperfect lining. I have a lot to learn, but since this is just a fun hobby, I'm honestly in no rush.

Original London Jennyanydots
Original London Jennyanydots
Original London Jennyanydots
Original London Jennyanydots
I did this live on my Twitch channel and I also edited the application into a time-lapse below! Be sure to follow and subscribe so you don't miss my next live shows and videos!
Original London Jennyanydots

Original Broadway Jennyanydots

Since my name is Jenny, I thought it was about time I try Jennyanydots makeup again. I've done the video version of her back in 2010. This time I decided to go with the original Broadway design as portrayed by Anna McNeely. I think it's a pretty cute design, but I wish I had blended the cheek colors more. (I need to practice my water-based makeup blending...not to mention my white base...why is it so patchy?) Despite its flaws, I'm a fan.Original Broadway Jennyanydots Original Broadway Jennyanydots Original Broadway Jennyanydots Original Broadway Jennyanydots I did this live on my Twitch channel and I also edited the application into a time-lapse below! Be sure to follow and subscribe so you don't miss my next live shows and videos! Original Broadway Jennyanydots

The only videos from November - 2017

I only made two videos last month, and only one of them came out in November. I've been quiet online. Sometimes I wonder if I'm growing out of my old hobbies or if I'm just getting tired of them. Other times I wonder if it's my mental health that is interfering. At least I know why last month it was time for a break, and maybe one day I'll talk about it online. Until then, I do hope to return to my blog and my videos and maybe next year things will change for the better. I'm going to keep moving forward.

What I'm Thankful For
It's been a rough month for me but I have many things to be thankful for.

Every Day of NaNoWriMo
November was difficult this year but I kept writing. I filmed (almost) every day of NaNoWriMo.

Jareth the Goblin King (Labyrinth) - Halloween 2017

I can't believe it's taken me this long to dress up as Jareth, the Goblin King from my favorite movie of all time, Labyrinth. It's been a long time coming and I'm actually pretty happy with the result despite the 'pieced together' nature of this costume. That's right, I did zero sewing this Halloween. (Well, only if you don't count sewing the stoplight patch on my husband's Team Zissou hat...) It all started with the replica necklace. I got that back in 2007 at San Diego Comic-Con, an officially limited-edition treasure. Then the rest was found in my closet or purchased. If you're a fan then you'll recognize this as his 'Dance Magic Dance' look. (AKA, the fastest and easiest Jareth look.) Also, someone at our Halloween party told me I have David Bowie-like features to my face which help sell the look. I don't know about that, but I am pretty proud of the makeup job I did. (I tried countoring on a non-Cats look!) I'd love to hear your thoughts on my costume in the comments below. Happy Halloween! Jareth the Goblin King Jareth the Goblin King Jareth the Goblin King Jareth the Goblin King

Cats Broadway Revival Review: 3rd Time Seeing the Show!

Here's my review of the Cats revival on Broadway after seeing it for the third time! What a night! (Apparently, I'm a Tugger girl now thank's to Tyler Hanes, oh boy 😹)

First Broadway Cats Review►http://bit.ly/2yQxJmu 
Seeing Cats as MEOWexander►http://bit.ly/2iDwpiV 
My Hamilton Review►http://bit.ly/2aYKAWa


I Love Fall Tag

My friend Sarah told me on Twitter that she'd like to see me do this tag, so who am I to ignore a request! :)

Favorite Fall Scent
Favorite way to spend a rainy day
Favorite fall drink
Football: Yay or nay?
Favorite article of Fall clothing
Scariest movie you’ve ever seen
Favorite candy to eat on Halloween
What will you be for Halloween this year?
Favorite Fall recipe
Favorite thing about Fall

If you make a video doing the I Love Fall tag, let me know!

Broadway Revival Macavity

Macavity! The antagonist of Cats. I've done Macavity makeup before, based on the video version of Cats. The Broadway revival of Cats is pretty similar to past western productions but many things have been updated as well. Macavity's costume and makeup, for instance, has developed in an interesting way. He almost feels more like an individual character than a force of evil. Here's my take on his new makeup design. He came out a bit too orange (the character is more of a golden brown I think) but it was an experiment in blending water-based makeup. I'm out of practice for blending...
Broadway Revival Macavity Broadway Revival Macavity Broadway Revival Macavity Broadway Revival Macavity I did this live on my Twitch channel and I also edited the application into a time-lapse below! Be sure to follow and subscribe so you don't miss my next live shows and videos!
Broadway Revival Macavity

Preptober Checklist

Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of the post where I created this checklist live on Twitch (edited shorter for YouTube), and if you’ve come here from that video or the lifestream, hello!

It’s October, the month of Halloween! I’ve got out my spooky but sparse trinkets (moving across the country leads one to cull their holiday decorations) and I’m ready to start planning my NaNoWriMo novel.

I’ve pantsed and plantsed the previous four NaNoWriMo novels, so for the first time, this year I am attempting to fully PLAN my story. Yes, no half-filled-out outlines, no ‘insert character here’, I am going to fully prepare myself as much as this month will allow. Here is my checklist! Note, there is an item for each day of October, you can do one on each day (sorry for the late start) or mix them up, do a few on one day, take breaks. Whatever works for you!

Note: There are some elements from the Snowflake method on here, I am not going through it completely but if you are curious…Google is your friend. ;)

Another Note: This list is assuming you already have a vague idea of what you want to write about, genera picked, and some brainstorming written down.

Third Note: This is my list, so some of the programs, outline structures, will be different from what you end up doing. Use mine as a basic outline and adapt it to what your working with.

1. Officially announce my novel on NaNoWriMo.org

2. Set up your Scrivener file.

3. Write a longline. (Who, what, when/where, how, & why)

4. Decide on a plot structure to follow and fill out the basics of it.

5. Outline Act 1 - Block 1

6. Write your 3 disasters and an ending. (Snowflake step 2)

7. Make a list of character names and name ideas.

8. Outline Act 1 - Block 2

9. Get a ‘writing candle’ to light when I write.

10. Research photos for character/setting inspiration.

11. Outline Act 1 - Block 3

12. Figure out your character’s personality types. (Enneagram)

13. Create character summary sheets (Snowflake step 3)

14. Outline Act 2 - Block 4

15. Create a writing music playlist or white noise (I like noisli.com)

16. Write a list of all needed secondary characters.

17. Outline Act 2 - Block 5

18. Write one paragraph outlines for all secondary characters.

19. Complete character questionnaires for the main characters.

20. Outline Act 2 - Block 6

21. Research local NaNoWriMo write-ins.

22. Fill out a world-building questionnaire.

23. Outline Act 3 - Block 7

24. Plan rewards and reward system.

25. Think about meals for November and make some plans.

26. Outline Act 3 - Block 8

27. Create a writing prompt inspiration jar. (Use some things from instagram.com/_wordbound)

28. Stock up on snacks/coffee/tea/treats for November.

29. Outline Act 3 - Block 9

30. Plan a writing routine and schedule.

31. Brag to your friends about NaNoWriMo, gets some accountability going. ;P

the last 3 videos

I'll be honest with you, I've been less motivated to make videos on YouTube lately. I can't fully describe what it is...but I feel uninspired. I'm going to upload something tomorrow that was created in an unconventional way and I hope it's interesting to watch. I think I just need to experiment more and worry less about what other people think.

The last three videos I've made are a vlog (my '4th Wall' series, that I guess is a thing now where I just have an extensional crisis on camera...heh), a make up vlog (get ready with me but not really), and a book review/buddy read/collaboration. (This one felt really good to do.)

Here are the thumbnails, click to go to the videos. Let me know what you think. My YouTube presence has been weird and inconsistant...yet I keep coming back.


Before sitting down to write this post I searched the word ‘goals’ on a free stock image website, this photo by Glen Carrie was the first result. I love it because the single goal is almost lost in a fog.

That’s how I feel.

It’s how I’ve felt for a while now, but with so many distractions I never had to face it full on before. I’ve had this feeling that there’s no clear direction to head in anymore, at least, not one that feels responsible or realistic.

I’ve been in online therapy, for BFRB, on and off for the past two years. I’ve been awful at keeping up with it. I’m nearing the end of the program and I just want to be able to put it behind me, reflect on what I’ve learned, and keep progressing forward.

One of the worksheets is about creating values-consistent goals. What matters to me most in life and how can I actively do things to make progress towards my values? In an effort to strengthen my commitment towards these goals, I’m sharing them here.

- Family

1st Goal: Call my family (or friends) in California (or sister in Japan) twice a week.

2nd Goal: Go on romantic dates (let it be cheesy) with my spouse more often.

- Community

1st Goal: Connect with a new friend twice a week. (try and plan a hang out at least once a week)

2nd Goal: Do something fun outside of the house once every weekend.

- Creativity

1st Goal: Participate in monthly creative projects such as Inktober and NaNoWriMo.

2nd Goal: Really and truly start blogging again. (heh...)

- Learning

1st Goal: Take a class either for a hobby or for work.

2nd Goal: Attend a public lecture at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.

- Kindness

1st Goal: Volunteer somewhere in town.

2nd Goal: Write snail mail letters to loved ones.

In addition to these I've taken another look at my yearly goals, and though I think sorting through those deserves another post, know that I have not forgotten about what I set out to do. The more tangible things are where I'm behind, the lifestyle goals have been working out though.

Notice that 'career' goals are nowhere to be found on this or other goal posts (heh...goal posts) and that's on purpose. I'm pretty private about my job and I'm still working through how to promote myself more online. It's tough when the lines are so blurred.

I'm working on myself and writing about it helps so I hope this post is not oversharing. Writing has been a calming activity and sharing goals has helped make them more real.

4 Days of MEOWexandar Hamilton

MEOWexandar Hamilton! I wore this costume four days in a row in January of 2017 in New York City. The first was only for an evening, to see Cats!
(4th row orchestra, center, isle, Tugger seats, no big deal. 😻)

The three days after that were all to the musical fan convention, BroadwayCon.

(Currently I'm feeling odd talking about BroadwayCon since they recently used a portion of my cosplay video in their promotional posts without crediting me. They've apologized but have yet to publicly acknowledge the mistake or credit my video. I love BroadwayCon, but I have to mention this large misstep from them.)

ANYWAY, before this four-day-in-a-row endeavor, I tested the makeup out live on my Twitch channel. You can see the time laps video of that here. So, I have, in total, done this makeup 5 times. Each time changing things here and there.

MEOWexander Hamilton Trial Makeup

Now, on to the photos! (I had the sense, finally, in the last two days to take some good clear shots of the makeup since the last two days the style really changed the most.) The makeup is a combination of water-based and oil-based, but mostly water-based. It's not my best work but it did the job. 😽

Day One
MEOWexander Hamilton
MEOWexander Hamilton

Day Two
MEOWexander Hamilton

Day Three
MEOWexander Hamilton MEOWexander Hamilton MEOWexander Hamilton

Day Four
MEOWexander Hamilton MEOWexander Hamilton MEOWexander Hamilton