Photo an Hour: June 30th, 2016

Three years ago I did a project where I took a photo every hour of the day for one day a month. Last week felt like doing that again so I did! I'm not sure if I'll keep it up or not but I hope you enjoy my day!

7am // The rose bush outside our house is mostly dead (our neighbor doesn't take care of it so we might have to commandeer it...) but I found this little flower flourishing.

8am // Working out of one of my favorite coffee shops, City Dock. Also using my new stainless steal straws out of the house for the first time! Next step, remembering my own cup.

9am // I love the orange walls of Bakers & Co and the white and black striped overhang outside.

10am // So this is the awesome waterproof bike satchel that Jim owns, it fits on my bike and is much more comfortable than wearing a backpack when I ride. The brand is Linus but I don't know if the make this exact model anymore.

11 am // So as I was sitting and working my friend Megan spotted me. (Apparently, she had been admiring my unicorn crop top without realizing it was me for the past 20 minutes, ha!) She gave me one of her granola bars she just bought 'cause she's generous and awesome.

12pm // Finally leaving the coffee shop. Check out my rad bike Jim got me for my birthday this year. I love it!

1pm // Playing around with my new Erin Condren planner! I'm turning into such a planner nerd. (FYI, that link gets you $10 off your first order...and I get $10 too, thanks!)

2pm // Listing to a Pride and Prejudice free audio book as I do some chores around the house.

3pm // Check out my Rise Up! magnet holding up a postcard from Rise Up Coffee Roasters. I've never been there but Jim brought me back some of their cold brewed good!

4pm // So I've been working on The Artist's Way course. I have the course book, the workbook, and the pages journal. I've been going through it, trying to learn to unclog my artist/writer's block. So far it's challenging and eye-opening. Highly recommend!

5pm // Just Instagraming. Yup.

6pm // Sometimes the things I'm working on are not visually interesting so I just end up taking a picture of this ceramic cat hanging on our window. My friend Julie got it for me from Japan back in high school, amazing I've held on to it this long.

7pm // Cooking dinner; egg burritos.

The day ended with splitting a beer and watching some Orange is the New Black on Netflix. (Oh wow, this season!)

Annapolis life is super different from Los Angeles, so maybe I'll have to do more!

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