Found Favorites #28

What! I have to show my husband this SPAM Banjo!
(via Guitar Pick Collection)

Heart-shaped pizza brooch in a little pizza box! How cute!
(via. The Fangirl Crafter)
Ugggg, I wish I could afford these vintage cat-eye frames!
(via. Vintage Optical Shop)
There's something about these boots that make me think Frodo Baggins...just me?
(via Talaria Clothes)
I absolutely love this wheel-thrown ceramic teapot!
(via Danko Handmade)

Link Love
◈ I've been loving Noisli for when the coffee shop I'm working out of is just a bit too loud. 
◈ My friend Joanna wrote a great post about Nerdfighteria on GeekGirlPenPals. Oh, the memories. ♥
◈ Have you heard of Slack? I like Slack. I'm currently in two groups. 
The Internet Creators Guild is a thing, I'm a member, let's do this!
◈ I am officially going to the new conference Etsy Up in NYC! Again, let's do this!

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