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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bridal Shower OOTD

So many unshared photos, most from past trips or wedding related. Why did I never share them on my blog or on Facebook? I think most of the time I was just waiting for that right moment that never came, or perhaps they were from moments and events too important to just toss up online. Regardless my initial hesitations I want to make them public now. The point of this blog is a digital scrapbook of my life, so why leave out the most important moments?
Bridal Shower OOTD Bridal Shower OOTD
These outfit photos were taken at my Brea Bridal Shower, and I honestly forgot them. (mostly since I don't really post outfit photos anymore) My engagement photos and wedding photos were not forgotten, they just have not be posted for...a different reason.
Bridal Shower OOTD Bridal Shower OOTD
I wanted to make an engagement photo book first. Then I decided it would be more cost efficient to make an engagement photo book at the same time as the wedding photo book, so I waited to post the pics. Well, I took a long time to pick my favorite wedding photos, (and we had just moved) then after I finally narrowed them down it took some time to get the edited ones back. After all of that, I realized I had to wait to save up enough money for any photo books at all. (I'm still debating if it's worth it or if I should opt for a less professional version.) Anyways, a year after the wedding and nearly 2 years after the engagement shoot, I am finally going to post the photos online...this month!
Bridal Shower OOTD Bridal Shower OOTD Bridal Shower OOTD Bridal Shower OOTD
In the meantime, enjoy these photos of me in my white dress/top and white shorts (and awesome combat boots) from March 2015.
Bridal Shower OOTD

The photographer, my sister Amy. Bridal Shower OOTD Bridal Shower OOTD

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