Thoughts on Birthday Parties and Some Inspiration

I love birthdays and birthday parties. In fact, I love parties in general. Not so much in the 'excuse to drink' way but more in the 'excuse to decorate and plan and gather around a common theme' way. That's why I gave in to the bridal showers and bachelorette party tropes I normally would not find necessary, I just love themes! Birthday parties are especially great because the main theme is 'do what the birthday boss wants.' Sometimes what I want is just a stress-free day where I wake up late, have brunch out or in, lazily shop with friends or just enjoy the city, then meet up a larger group for dinner and drinks. It's a great way to get a big group together.

This year I'm turning 30, but I'm also far away from my friends and family for the first time. So I'm planning a shindig. I have made a few new friends on the east coast so I know I won't feel too sad that I can't share the day with my normal crew. It will be different though. So how do I stay excited?

Enter Pinterest. I'm a planner and I LOVE looking forward to things. So I make a few decorations, I clean the house, come up with Jenny-style drinking games. My birthday is on Sunday and my party is on Saturday. Check out my pins and if you have any brilliant ideas through them my way! I know I'll never make all of these things a reality but it's calming to just imagine. Maybe in another life I was meant to be a party planner...

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