Gold and Black Birthday Party Decorations (How To Make a Tassel Garland)

Party My birthday is over, but the birthday month of giveaways is still going on, and my biggest present is yet to arrive. (I'm seeing Hamilton on Broadway on the 30th!!!) So let's continue the blog festivities with a little showing off of my party theme. (You know how much I love themed parties.) The theme was subtle and probably only noticeable to me, which I was completely fine with. Gold and Black. Why? Could it have something to do with Hamilton? Could it be from inspiration whenever I searched on Etsy for '30th Birthday Party'? Or could it just be pretty? (Obviously, it's all 3) So the banner I made with my wonderful Cricut and the tassel garland was actually really easy. If you scroll down there's a DIY(!!) I also plan to re-use the decorations and perhaps even gift them on. (re-use & recycle!)

Party Party How To Make A Tassel Garland
  • All you need is tissue paper, scissors, and some string. (and, I discovered as I went, washi tape helps!)
  • First take a sheet of the tissue paper and fold it into a tube like the photos show.
  • Start cutting it into strips, allowing about an inch at the top. (I used washi tape to secure it to the table)
  • Carefully unfold the tissue paper, untangling the strips as you go.
  • With the 'wrong side' facing up (if your tissue paper has sides) start rolling from the center untangling the strips as you go again.
  • Twist the center one way and then bend it into a loop.
  • Tie the string around the bottom of the loop so it stays secure.
  • String your tassels onto the string and secure it to the wall with washi tape (or wherever you're placing it.)

Tweet me photos of your finished garlands! @MagicCatJenny Remember, when you're done, recycle them or give them to a friend to use! Have you made garlands before, tell me in the comments!

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