Is this a Film? - video

My ramblings about movie making and forgotten dreams. Also, it’s not about the gear, I'm privileged to have what I have. It just gets me down sometimes when I want my stuff to look/sound better. Husband, this is a hit I want a mic for my birthday. *love you*

Reading as Self-Care and my January/February Reading Wrap Up

Here's my reading wrap up from January and February. I've decided to try and do these videos every two months on my channel since I don't always read a ton of books in one month. Reading has been a helpful way of de-stressing and something I am determined to do more of in 2016!

BroadwayCon NYC 2016 - Day Three - Sunday

Broadway Con 2016 SundayBroadway Con 2016 Sunday BroadwayCon day three was great! These first two photos were Instagram posts from that Sunday, and yes, I was Jemima again. There's more info on why in this post. (Main stage cosplay stuff) The second costume is Veronica Sawyer from the Heathers musical, full costume pics are here. So after the morning main stage and I changed into Veronica, I spent a lot of the day doing what I did not have the time to do the first two days, just walk around. It was an easy day, I browsed the vendor hall and got a few goodies, met some cool people, and got to see another show!

28 To Make

28 To Make is a free creative course I took in February from Creative Live to get into the habit of creating something new every day. I posted photos of all of them all on my Instagram.  The full course is here. I was going to showcase them on my blog as well but I thought it would be much more fun as a video. Thank you for watching and to help support me, consider subscribing.

Jemima Makeup - BroadwayCon 2016 Sunday

Jemima - BroadwayCon So on the last day of BroadwayCon, Sunday, I mainly cosplayed as Veronica Sawyer from the Heathers musical. Click here to see that costume! However, for the first few hours of the Con I was actually Jemima again. There was a costume 'parade' happening that morning on the main stage and my 'good friend' David Alpert told us to "bring our best" so I did the Jellicle thing...again. Since this was a rushed job and I was tired it's not my best. My line work somehow got worse from the day before but honestly, I didn't care. It was a fun experience cat-ing about on the main stage (with Anthony Rapp!!) so all was well. I hope you enjoy seeing an up-close look at the 3rd Jemima makeup in a week! Click here to see the full costume!

Found Favorites #27 Romantic Road Trip

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Found Favorites is back! So when Modcloth asked if I would peruse their site and pick out some romantic road trip must-haves, I said 'hit the road!' ...wait, that makes it sound like I said 'no'...I said 'yes' let's do this. Modcloth has such a pretty stuff.

Disney Pins & Monsters University

In this week's video I CRUSH YOUR DREAMS with some hard truths learned in Monsters University and show off my new Disney Pins! Thanks so much for watching!