School of Rock - BroadwayCon 2016 Thursday

IMG_4224 What better way to start off my BroadwayCon blog series than with a 'way hardcore' photo of me hanging out with Alex Brightman of School of Rock at the stage door.

What a night. I got in at around 2:15 and walked 45 minutes to my hotel. I dropped off my costumes and rested and explored the hotel (and the swag bag filling station!) till my cousin Dianna and my friend arrived.
IMG_4050 IMG_4048 IMG_4052
Well I got word that someone had 2 tickets to School of Rock they were looking to sell and then the plan for the evening was made! (I went with my friend, and Dianna saw a show on her own.) The show was just amazing! I love the film it's based on but the musical is so much more. Brightman and the kids were just perfect. Oh and the adorable message from Andrew Lloyd Webber at the start, "Hello, this is Andrew Lloyd Webber. The question I get asked most is 'do the kids really play their instruments live on stage.' Yes, every one of them!"
IMG_4053 IMG_4054
IMG_4057 IMG_4060

Stick around for more posts and photos from all the days of BroadwayCon, and if you were at the con, let me know your favorite parts!

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