Getting Ready for BroadwayCon | MagicCatJenny vs. Cats Costuming

Getting Ready for BroadwayCon Part 3 of MagicCatJenny vsCats Costuming where I am STILL NOT DONE with my Jellicle Cats costume...
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Cats Costuming is a short series where I attempt to make a Cats (the musical) costume. I will transform myself into a Jellicle from the London musical and second longest running musical on Broadway. Everything from wig making, unitard painting, cats makeup, and the eventual experience cosplaying as a Pellicle at Broadway Con. I’ve never cosplayed as a Jellicle Cat to a convention before but it might be the thing I enjoy to cosplay the most. The character is Jemima (or Sillabub if you’re talking about the broadway production). She is a kitten who sings during Grizabella’s song Memory at the end of the show. I’ve always loved her character and her black, white, and red costume design.The materials I’m using are: yarn, cord, control top pantyhose (for the wig cap), kanekalon, thread, hot glue, organza, lycra, snaps, fabric paint, acrylic paint, and old dance shoes. (and possibly more, we shall see)

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