Found Favorites #26 2 spoopy 4 u

I made a Halloween button pack! 2 spoopy, creppy, a Buffy quote, and stay weird. Happy Halloween, nerds!
(via. Nerdy Monsters)

These TNG pajamas is making me want to host a Star Trek sleepover party (but I kinda wish they had them in the DS9 uniform designs so I could be Dax...)
(via. Think Geek)
Oh my goodness these vampire fang tights are magical!!
(via. ModCloth)

This witch hat is beautiful!!!
(via HandiCraftKate)
Link Love
◈I love that this 68 year old woman loves to cosplay! I guess I have no excuse now to get back into it, haha!
◈I'm so excited that cosplay fabrics will soon be sold at JoAnn's!

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