Is a Second Channel on YouTube a Good Idea?

Is a second channel on YouTube a good idea? That's the question of the year it seems, at least it was the question of Business day at Playlist Live DC. Is the trend of having 'second channel' dead? Do viewers care anymore? Or is it just a poor decision to split your content up?
The later seems to be the answer no matter who I talk to; the panelists at Playlist, ReelSEO, and even my talent managers. (Ugg, can I just call them my friends who happen to work for Maker? 'talent manager' sounds so pretentious for someone with barely 2k subscribers. I'll just call them people who let me talk to them about YouTube and offer yeah, friends then.)

I've had various channels over the years and sometimes I'd be managing two at once; the 'main channel' and the 'second channel.'  Some people call this their 'vlog channel' but since I do vlogs often on my main channel I prefer 'second.' It was always more of a 'leftover channel' the place where I'd dump extra footage or just upload direct/non-edited videos. The username of my current 'second channel' is: MagicalCatJenny. Originally I just reserved the username so no one else could (right after I reserved MagicCatJenny of course). It started off as a place to post my 'VEDA' (Vlog Every Day in April) videos but recently I've been experimenting with unboxing videos since they do so well in search. (I like my little analytics experiments, helps me learn more about space.)

 I agree, however, that's it's unwise to split up your energy working on two channels. They'll only grow slower that way, also if you're putting a lot of effort into a video then it should go where more people will see it: your main channel. That being said, I'm going to keep my second channel for experiments and things that take little to no effort to produce. It's not something I activity promote and if people find it and like it then great, but it's more for me than anything else. Below is a video I posted there because it was too unpolished and thrown together to be a main channel video on it's own and my Disney Pin video from yesterday was too long to have this added on. I wanted to show the other two girls who are in it however, so MagicalCatJenny was the answer. Comment letting me know your opinions on second channels and if you are a YouTuber, do you have one?

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