How to Come Back from a Hard Drive Crash

This is going to be hard to write, but here we go. So, the unthinkable has happened, (for whatever reason) your hard drive has crashed. Everything is gone. You can try and get it restored, but that can get expensive or even impossible. For your own mental health, try not to entertain the idea. So your files are gone and with it, your will to continue to blog even after your computer is fixed. What do you do? (Well...? I'm waiting for an answer. I need help!)

The only thing that seems to be working for me is to create a list of the downsides and then find a stronger and more important upside for each. Everyone's list will be different but I want to share with you mine:

Downside: My files since May are gone.
Upside: ALL my files from before then are safe on external hard drives.

Downside: My personal photos are lost.
Upside: My professional wedding photos and video are safe with their creators.

Downside: I can't make videos until my computer gets fixed.
Upside: I can use my husband's computer every so often to update my blog.

Let yourself learn from this, don't let whatever happened, happen again. Spend some money to make sure your computer files are backed up online or on an external hard drive, and NEVER save things for the last minute again.

I hope this helped you emotionally start to heal, it's what I am attempting to do myself. If I am slow to reply to comments or emails it's because of this. I will be back to making videos as soon all of this gets sorted out. Then I'll be sure to re-read my post about how to get back into blogging after a break, I think I'll need it.

To cheer myself up (and hopefully you get a giggle out of it as well) I'm picturing Brad Pitt singing Let It Go. Here's a pinnable for you...if you happen to share my particular brand of humor. :P

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