Found Favorites #25

This silver onyx thigh piece from Zephyr Jewelry is beautiful. I got my hair chains for my wedding from her. (Thanks Alyssa!)
(via. Zephyr Jewelry)
I'm debating trying out the color pin trend. These bee pins are adorable (...but maybe I'll make my own.)
(via. Modcloth)
This Monday (8/31) is the last day to get some of these soon-to-be-retired Jamberry styles! So many beautiful designs. *cries*
(via Jamberry)
You can now get the 'Consent Is Necessary' button on it's own in my shop!
(via Nerdy Monsters)

Link Love
◈I need to test out this 25 Best Inexpensive Restaurants in Washington now that I live here.
◈Kristina blogged about getting ready for Vloggerfair and PAX, I ca't wait to see her RWBY cosplay!
◈Something about seeing people dance and move like cats but sing a pop song that is just so weird and hilarious.

Happy Friday!

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