Be Back Soon!

By the time you read this, Jim and I will already be on our way to our honeymoon! We waited because we wanted it to coincide with a wedding of two of our very good friends. They have also asked me to help them film the day since that's what I do, film everything all the time always. I'm so excited to watch them get hitched and also to spend the first real vacation with my new hubby in a place where we can just relax, explore, and not worry about anything but each other. So I will not be posting anything here for at least a week, I won't be uploading YouTube videos, and I won't be worried about posting anything to social media. (Except for Instagram, you will defiantly get Instagram updates because photography.) I might film part of our vacation. (Okay, of course I will, I just don't know how much and I'm hesitant to commit to a 'honeymoon vlog' till I see exactly how much I end up filming.) I'm so excited and I know this means I'm missing out on VidCon, but for the first time since I starting going to that con...I really don't mind. See you next month!

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