2015 Goals: Revised

Normally I would not do this. Normally I would (and have) simply see how the year went and at the end review what I accomplished and what I did not and move on. However, there has been a change in my life since I first created my 2015 goals, that that is I've moved across the country. So, as it is my blog and it is my right, I am revising my 2015 goals now, as we are more than halfway through the year. Let's do this!

1. Get Married!!!
Staying the same, because duh.

2. Visit the California Science Center Visit the White House.
I've never seen it, not even for school or anything.

3. Visit the MOCA. Visit the National Zoo.
This one is on Jim's list. Animals!

4. Read 25 books.
Staying the same, though I might be a bit behind...due to the getting married and moving across the country thing...

5. Make new Etsy business cards.
Staying the same...and I have yet to do that...hmmmm.

6. Treat my blog more like a business and my YouTube channel less. Have faith in my creativity, do what it takes, work hard, always be myself.
Business or not, I need to stop thinking so hard about not 'selling out' and just work hard no matter what. Work hard but always be honest about it. That's my new goal.

7. Assess what's important to me in life and remove the clutter.
Keeping this one the same.

8. Organize my digital files.
Keeping this one the same.

9. Take a road trip.
Keeping this one the same...and I think it's qualified....lol

10. Honeymoon!!!
OH YEAH...3 more days!!!!!